• Bopp Bag

    Bopp Bag

    Bopp bag use polypropylene woven fabric as body fabric can make your package enjoy great durability. Different design such as (backseam, circular, thumb notches, perforation, anti-skid print and gussets etc) can meet customers’ different requirements.
  • bulk bag

    bulk bag

    According to shapes, there are circular jumbo bag, square jumbo and U type jumbo bag with top lifting loop, or side lifting loop or bottom lifting loop. Normally it has inlet spout and outlet spout.


    Paper poly bag1 It is based on pp bag, which is also called fabric in short, compositing film and paper by tape casting method. It is used in packing various kinds of chemical materials, such as powdery and granular raw material as POM, ABS, polystyrene, poly-formaldehyde, polyvinyl chloride, styrene butadiene rubber, engineering plastics and a series of powdery, granular materials etc.
  • pp woven

    pp woven

    PP woven bag, also known as snake skin bag, one of plastics, is used in packaging. The main material is polypropylene (PP). It is made though extrusion, stretching into tape yarn, weaving and making bag. Usage: Widely used in packing kinds of powdery and granular goods.


Disposable protective mask, Hand sanitizer

Mask machine, KN95 protective mask




Pacific-Globalgroup is a high-tech internaitional group. We have been focusing on packaging fields for more than 17 years. We have factories in china (SHINING STAR PLASTIC CO.,LIMITED)Vietnam(VIETNAM SUNRISE PACKAGING CO., LTD) and Cambodia(BESTAG PACKAGING(CAMBODIA) CO., LTD.), and a research and development laboratory in USA(Brilliance Pack LLC
Main products
1.PP woven Packaging
FIBC/Bulk bags /pp woven bags/ BOPP bag/Paper poly bag/PP valve bags/BOPP valve bags/pp mesh bags…etc.
2.Flexible packaging
stand up pouch/Spout pouch/Flat bottom pouch/wine bags (bags in box)/packaging films…etc.
3.Non-woven Packaging
handle bags/T-shirt bags/Die-cut bags…etc.
4.Paper packaging
Shopping bag/Food grade paper bag/Multi-layers bag/Paper valve bags(cement)/Paper box…etc.
5.Metal packaging
Aluminum cans/Aluminum lids/bottles/Aluminum bottles.

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